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Pamela Ong

Pamela Ong

Managing Director

My humble welcome to DWP Pharma Sdn Bhd Website. This is an awesome time for our company and I to share information such as company profile, our products and services, and career opportunities with us is readily accessible.

A lot has changed since 2015, when we started the business. There is side pipelines to excite soon. Continue to work hard to serve the community and focused on DWP Pharma Business Direction which is continue to helps on allergy glove wearer to have better quality of life with superior quality glove at affordable cost. With the business direction, we will continue to drive our business well into the future.

DWP Pharma is still a young dynamic company, and I believe that we can do even more, and do it better. Keep the future in view, we are targeting to be Malaysia market leader by 2020 and Oversea market leader by 2030. We are also keen to lookout for dealer by state in Malaysia and dealer by country globally in the glove business and other synergistic businesses as well.

An Excited Start to FY2018

I am pleased to inform that we have strong sales grew for SofTril Glove compared with side pipeline products for emerging market, where glove demand is rapidly on the rise. Internally provides continues improvement initiative in term of superior quality product and cost-saving also contributed positively to our strong growth. DWP Pharma will continue to expand it’s operations steadily throughout whole Malaysia as wholesaler in Malaysia market and Oversea market as exporter for SofTril Glove with other synergistic product demand as well. DWP Pharma is your one-stop glove sourcing centre. By December 2018, DWP Pharma will launch new pipeline product. In tandem, we will also continue to enhance our product quality and operational efficiency.

Nevertheless, DWP Pharma Business Ethics is honesty, integrity and transparency. Therefore, DWP Pharma would like to sincerely and humbly thanks all stakeholder of DWP Pharma which is production team, sales and marketing team, administration team, IT team and beloved customers for the contribution support and growth steadily throughout the year.

I am proud to note that DWP Pharma had helped glove wearer to improve skin condition as DWP Pharma Business Philosophy is to protect and save life.

We are happy that we had performed well in 2017, but this is just the start for DWP Pharma. We have more ambitious goals ahead of us which include increase our Malaysia market share to be Malaysia market leader and global market share to be global market leader for SofTril Glove. We will keep working even harder, smarter and faster to ensure we deliver on these targets and continue performing well in the coming quarters.

Pamela Ong
January 2018


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